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Above: the 2016 London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. Click HERE for more images or click on Articles above.

But for the main purpose of this site, in prime position is the SLK Guide, which has been updated to cover, oddly enough, a non-SLK, the SLC. It looks the same as the SLK, drives the same, has no V8 option and is more expensive. So a testing time for sales staff.

The RV8 Resource has been described as the definitive book on the Rover V8 engine, and not only by the author. It consists of three books, one lavishly illustrated, which describes the engine in detail, what you can do with it, and how to enjoy fiddling with it. The second book covers servicing the RV8-engined TVRs. Much of it will be of interest to owners of vehicles the RV8 has graced. Third is a small book on the wiring of Griffiths and Chimaeras.

Then there are the two Forces books, the first being Both Sides of the Force, a story of an idyllic and naive chap who joined the police at a time when corruption was endemic. The way he tried to avoid its dangers, and failed, is described in a way that has earned 4.5 stars on Kindle. There is a follow-up book, A Tour of Forces, intended to cash in of the first’s popularity, about the balance of his career, spent in various counties.

There are a number of car-related articles that will interest anyone keen on cars and motor-racing.

Please visit Old Blugger for a view on life from the standpoint of someone who has always been somewhat bemused by ‘things’ going on around him. Comments welcomed, as are explanations as to life, my immediate environs and the little bit left to me. Rugby is big in my life and I’ve included a series that might help those new to the game, who have trouble understanding the laws and don’t want to show themselves up in front of a lot of people because of their ignorance. And it is not only useful for referees. Many spectators have no idea either.

I hope you enjoy your stay on Writewheel.uk and, even better, buy some books.

Derek, aka Harvey Yates