If you like racing cars of all types, or even if your are particular, Silverstone Classic is a feast. I went on Friday and the crowds were thinnish, the weather was great and the noise was delightful.

I had conversations with a number of owners or members of their team and they were, universally, helpful, chatty, friendly and only too pleased it seemed to tell someone of their favourite car. The kind chap at the Tojeiro Buick was so pleasant that I forgot to take a photograph of it.

Turn up the sound for the full enjoyment of the video.

I was lucky enough to be a guest of WDK Motorsport and my grateful thanks for their hospitality. But you can get right up to the cars of other competitors without problems.

A great day out.

Some of the cars were beautifully presented.

050  051  003

Some brought back memories.

046  048  053

Some just looked great.

006   046   009   001   002   014   013   011

There were bits of cars of display that you don’t see normally.

047   007   012   010   017   018   029   044   045   031

And there was just the general atmosphere of cars and cars.

043   038   037   036   033   028   026   021   019   015

And if you like Astons . . .

042   039  040