I’ve recently been asked if I can give source for the quotations. They are all mine. 

I like aphorisms. They give the appearance of wisdom without any of that tedious thinking.

If gods were really god-like then those whom they wished to destroy would be destroyed.

The only thing history teaches us is that we never learn from it.

Experience is expensive; it is much cheaper to listen to those who’ve already paid.

Privacy is dead, and we have killed it. We give away our data to Amazon, Facebook and the like and then complain that we have no secrets.

It is better to be lost because you don’t know where you are than because you don’t know where you are going.

Those in authority won’t tell you what you really want to know in case you really want to know it.

Experience is wasted on the old. No one listens.

If you think you are fooling everyone, it includes you.

If humans hadn’t been invented, this world would be perfect for us.

There is horror in the thought that the last thing I will do on this earth will be to hurt those who love me the most.

Time is nature’s way of ensuring Mondays do not occur on Saturday thereby ruining your weekend.

Experience would be a whole lot more useful if it came before you needed it.

Veni, Vidi, Vici. Much of history is a good catchphrase.

Pain is transient. Resentment against those who caused it is forever.

The only thing you can prove with statistics is that they can’t prove anything.

You are much more likely to be believed if you admit you could be wrong.

All scientific theories are temporary. That’s what makes them more dependable than religious dogma.

Tomorrow’s World proved that just because you talked posh it didn’t mean you knew what was coming next.

The only good idea I ever came up with was to pinch other people’s.