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Cars, steam traction engines, trains, buses and everything a nerd could want, with images and video. There are books on TVR, the RV8 engine and corruption in the City of London police. Nirvana for nerds.

It’s not only old men looking at even older cars.

Book cover Cartoon image of scard man during radio-therapy
Cancer, Me and my Prostate

The book covers my symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer. It was bewildering, invasive, but left me with a respect for the man, and it has to be a man, who invented lubricant. Click on the image for further information.

or you could

Click on an image for a choice of dozens of videos for your delight.


From the 20s to current. There are petrol/electric, single deckers, double deckers and coaches.

Classic and Historic

If an interesting car doesn’t come under any of the other headings, and it’s not veteran or vintage, it might be here.

Hampton Court Concours

In my opinion, the best value for money car show there is, despite it not being cheap. It’s an annual pilgrimage.

A phto of the 300SLR that Moss drove to the Mille Miglia win, complete with the racing number 722, which was the time he was flagged off


There’s Mercedes, Invicta, MG, Gilburn, VW, great big American things, and, of course, TVR. And that’s not to mention the ones I haven’t.


These are not toys. There are model boats that took as long to make as the full size, and 1/5 model racing cars. Not for kids.

On the Road

Two Heavy Commercial Goods Vehicles Rallies are seen as they appeared to us in Burgess Hill. There are other road events as well.


If I can’t fit it in any of the other classifications, it goes in here.

Cars racing

We go from the beautiful JPS Lotus above to a rather bewildering, and apparently bewildered, Trabant.


Dirty great big steam, miniature steam, and, as can be seen in the image, the smallest, full-sized steam roller.


The title is plural but, at the moment, I’m limited to one train video. Its of the narrow gauge line at Amberley. More to come.

London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

It’s been called, ‘The Best Free Car Show in the World’, and it is difficult to disagree. It all but runs past my house each year. Enjoy.

Vintage Vehicles

If it’s not veteran yet is still pre-war, then it will have a video on here. Impossible to list all the delights in just three lines of text.

I write books. I have written books on TVR, the RV8 engine, my time in the police, the Mercedes SLK, and more. Please peruse my buying page, from the menu at the top of the page, if only to fool me into thinking you might, just might, buy one.

Just a selection of my wonderful books

TVR book cook cover, showing two side views of Chimearas, one early, and one late models

The car you always lusted after, and for good reason

It’s the big one. The sun never sets on readers

Cover image of when wheeler sold tvr

I was there. I saw it unfold. Now so can you

Cover of Both Sides of the Force

Just read the reviews. Then you’ll have to buy it

There are also books on the Mercedes SLK, editing a car club magazine, a free one with a wiring diagram of a TVR RV8, how to save your credibility with your son or daughter, and bluff your way when spectating at rugby, to the latest, how to laugh at cancer of the prostate. Well nearly. Go through to the Buying Page by clicking here.

Lots of video as well
If you like buses, steam traction engines, classic cars, or even weird car transporters, this is the site for you.

Go into the blog and enjoy the images and video.

Coming events

Arriving soon: more Steam and also Historic Vehicles from Brands Hatch

Or go to the buying page of my books. Please.

And if that’s not enough

Well, you’re greedy. The good news is will satisfy that greed, because we’ve got a bit of most stuff.

The best free car show, in the world, is the London to Brighton Veteran Car run. The blog will tell you how you can speed up your kids coming out of school, to stop them wasting time chatting to friends? Want to understand what women want? Confused by Stepneygate? I tell you all this, apart from what women want, and also take you on a nostalgic visit to the Mille Miglia and its influence on my life. It’s all in the blog. On top of that, Both Sides of the Force (very well reviewed) will explain how I, a serving police officer, was once told by a traffic sergeant that, by wearing a yellow reflective jacket, I was impersonating a police officer.

Lots on steam traction engines

Does it get any cooler than having a picnic while a dirty great traction engine drives past only a few feet away? As you can see, some people turn their back, but if that ain’t you, then look through the blog for even more excitement.

I’m a recent convert to the attractions of steam, with its smells, its smoke, and its delightful sounds. The owners and operators are a very pleasant bunch, only too willing to tell you all about their steeds. I have even covered the world’s smallest, full size road roller. That’s rather special, and it’s history is fascinating.

Lots of video on buses

I was a bus-spotter when I was a kid, but put Ian Allen away when I turned 15. Now I see what I missed. If you’d like to reminisce, or indulge your bus desires, then this blog is for you.

Brooklands bus museum
On occasions, it goes outdoors.

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