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Cars, steam traction engines, trains, buses and everything a nerd could want, with images and video. There are books on TVR, the RV8 engine and corruption in the City of London police. Nirvana for nerds.

It’s not only old men looking at even older cars.

Book cover Cartoon image of scard man during radio-therapy
Cancer, Me and my Prostate

The book covers my symptoms, diagnosis and treatment for prostate cancer. It was bewildering, invasive, but left me with a respect for the man, and it has to be a man, who invented lubricant. Click on the image for further information.

I joined the City of London police at a time when there was a firm within a firm, a corrupt section, mainly CID, who were in league with the East End villains who pulled armed robberies, and murders. I had no idea things like this went on, and, like most CoL officers, I carried on being honest, ignoring the corrupt ones. Then I was threatened, by a bloke who was believed to have committed a murder. I left for a county force. See Both Sides of the Force. Click on here for more information.

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Past times and cars past
WWII no British
Historic commercials
SADCASE – just arrived

I write books. I write books on TVR, the RV8 engine, my time in the police, the Mercedes SLK, and more. Please peruse my buying page, from the menu at the top of the page, if only to fool me into thinking you might, just might, buy one. I’ve tried a little poetry, and little is the operative word. Go to Poem, verse, lyric, rhyme, ode, jingle, ditty or doggerel. My creation was submitted to a national competition and the judges returned it with a comment. It said, “Very amusing,” but their tone was obvious, and it wasn’t congratulatory. See what you think, and see what I think about modern poetry.

All the reviews cannot be wrong

A story of a bewildered recruit, dropped into a police force with rampant corruption and a firm within a firm that organised armed robberies and at least one murder.

The sad demise of TVR

Told from the last year of Peter Wheeler and ending when TVR ended. TVR was the biggest independent car manufacturer in the UK when sold.

The sun never sets

The Resource is international. Condescended to by Wheeler Dealers – does it, can it, get better than that? It takes you through servicing your RV8-engined TVR, telling you what you want to know.

There are also books on the Mercedes SLK, editing a car club magazine, a free one with a wiring diagram of a TVR RV8, how to save your credibility with your son or daughter, and bluff your way when spectating at rugby, to the latest, how to laugh at cancer of the prostate. Well nearly. Go through to the Buying Page by clicking here.

Lots of video as well
If you like buses, steam traction engines, classic cars, or even weird car transporters, this is the site for you.

Go into the blog and enjoy the images and video.

Coming events

Hadlow Down Steam show. It’s coming, but probably even slower than the steam traction engine I had to drive behind on the way to the show.

And if that’s not enough

Well, you’re greedy. The good news is will satisfy that greed, because we’ve got a bit of most stuff.

The best free car show, in the world, is the London to Brighton Veteran Car run. The blog will tell you how you can speed up your kids coming out of school, to stop them wasting time chatting to friends?.Want to understand what women want? Confused by Stepneygate? I tell you all this, apart from what women want, and also take you on a nostalgic visit to the Mille Miglia and its influence on my life. It’s all in the blog. On top of that, Both Sides of the Force (very well reviewed) will explain how I, a serving police officer, was once told by a traffic sergeant that, by wearing a yellow reflective jacket, I was impersonating a police officer.

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courtesy of the Old Blugger

Lots and lots of different subjects cover, from big buses to model cars
See images and video from a fellow nerd

Lots on steam traction engines in the blog

Does it get any cooler than having a picnic while a dirty great traction engine drives past only a few feet away? As you can see, some people turn their back, but if that ain’t you, then look through the blog for even more excitement.

I’m a recent convert to the attractions of steam, with its smells, its smoke, and its delightful sounds. The owners and operators are a very pleasant bunch, only too willing to tell you all about their steeds. I have even covered the world’s smallest, full size road roller. That’s rather special, and it’s history is fascinating.

Lots of video and images of buses

I was a bus-spotter when I was a kid, but put Ian Allen away when I turned 15. Now I see what I missed. If you’d like to reminisce, or indulge your bus desires, then this blog is for you.

Brooklands bus museum
On occasions, it goes outdoors.

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There’s been a hiatus in posting this year. My problem has been repetitive strain injury, RSI, in both arms. I’ve had it in my right for some years and I managed it by using my left as much as possible. I have a left-handed trackball and use it all the time. I have had to use my right as I write, and am a touch-typist, but I limited it as much as possible. Unfortunately, using my left hand all the time gave me RSI in my left arm as well. I’ve been resting both, but as soon as I type, back the pain comes. My New Year update has taken me an extra three months. I now strap up and this eases the pain, but I can’t do as much as I used to.