Like a normal car-based website, Just a lot posher

A normal car-based website, but posher

just a lot posher.

Welcome to my website in 2023. I’m about to have my annual design change. Look out for that.

Big news for Writewheel is publication of my new book, Cancer, Me and my Prostate. You can probably guess what it is about. It’s published by Kindle. Go to HERE.

I’ve been treated for prostate cancer. The result is extremely good and it seems that even if it does return, I’ll be long dead from old age, so two positives to take away there.

As normal for me, I’ve written a little book, only 12,000 words, on my experiences. Be warned; it contains nasty, scary words like cancer, radiotherapy, and insertion, but it ends like a love story. You know, being worn out, with sore bits down ‘there’, but an overwhelming feeling of everything being right with the world.

I’ve learned a lot. I’ve gained new skills. I now have a superpower – I am slash-nav man, with an uncanny ability to locate public toilets. I have also come away with a well-earned respect for the bloke (it has to be a bloke) who invented lubricant.

The NHS gave me free tattoos as well. They are in my pubic area! Cool granddad has arrived.

If you no longer go through the night without having to get up for a pee two or three times, then this book is for you. If you are scared of going for tests because you don’t know what will happen, this book is for you. If you’ve got a few pence to spare and want a laugh, this book is for you. If you want to stay friends with me . . .

Unusually for me, I give no advice apart from one gold-encrusted bit right at the end. It might save your life. Follow it.

Oh, there was one other bit. If you are going for a biopsy where devices enter your fundament, and there are others having the same deal that day, try and be first in the queue. I’m sure they wash things, but still.

Cancer, Me and my Prostate is published via Kindle. The link is HERE.

I’m on iPlayer. Bent Coppers: Crossing the Line of Duty has been repeated on the BBC. Search on iPlayer. I’m in the third episode, the best of course, but all three are worth watching. If it generates interest in those time, then read my well-reviewed book, Both Sides of the Force, which documents my time in the City Police in the late 70s/early 80s. It’s been commented that it has an attractive self-deprecating tone. I’m pleased because I tried to get that, but I didn’t think I was any good at it.

The Amberley Spring Bus Show was quite a success given the comments of some of the attendees. Most were, it seems, bus drivers before retirement, and most of those worked for Southdown. Very pleasant bunch. I know nothing about buses; well, a very little bit more after Sunday, but still not enough to make any comments. I hope you enjoy the video. I’ll post some images.

And in other news . . . . . .

Harvey Yates is the star of TV, as well as Bent Coppers: Crossing the Line of Duty, my RV8 Resource was condescended to by Ed China during Wheeler Dealers. Now that’s fame.

We now have five books on TVR and the RV8 engine published by Writewheel UK. Go to the TVR and RV8 page . One of the books is free. 

The latest addition to the catalogue is the all but legendary RV8 Resource. It has been brought back after many requests, so you’d better buy it. It’s a much improved version of the guide to servicing your Griffith or Chimaera, or any RV8-engined TVR. Its return is not before time. Go to the RV8 Resource page to see what all the fuss is about. 

Recently published is The Chimaera. A celebration of one of the great sports cars. There are also a number of car-related articles that will interest anyone keen on cars and motor-racing. Please visit Old Blugger. You could also enjoy a view on life from the standpoint of someone who has always been somewhat bemused by ‘things’ going on around him. Comments welcomed, as are explanations as to why I’m so confused.

The second change to Writewheel is the separation of my visits to the car shows to that of the musings of the Old Blugger. Details in the menu at the top.

I hope you enjoy your stay on Writewheel UK and, even better, buy some books. We use the well-respected Ecwid online shopping system. You can shop safely on Writewheel UK.

Derek, aka Harvey Yates