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The new feature is my experience of cancer. Blugger and the Big C is nothing more than a series of posts about my prostate cancer, from early problems to the start of treatment, at least so far. It’s not been without its lighter moments, allied to a few difficulties.

There’s no medical advice. There’s plenty online for that. It’s just what’s happening to me. The hope is that it might make anyone else with the same problem realise it ain’t the dreadful, doom and gloom journey that they might have believed.

Go to Blugger and the Big C.


ALSO, but less dramatic: Enthusiasts’ books on models and recent history of TVR. The story of a police career starting in the City of London police at a time of the infamous firm-within-a-firm, ending 30 years later. There’s a book on the range of the Mercedes SLK, including camshaft sprocket failure. If you want to convince your child you know all about rugby, we’ve got the book for you.

And the other news is . . . . . .

The Old Blugger’s been on TV. He was interviewed for the BBC2’s Bent Coppers: Crossing the Line. It is/was a 3-part series which will include the time he was in the City of London Police, and how threats forced him to leave.

You can search for it on BBC iPlayer or, if you don’t want to fork out for TV licence, why not buy Both Sides of the Force. It’s all in there, with a considerable amount more on corruption in the City of London and Metropolitan police forces in the 70s and 80s. Click The Forces above or Click Here. 

We now have five books on TVR and the RV8 engine published by Writewheel UK. Go to the TVR and RV8 page . One of the books is free. 

The latest addition to the catalogue is the all but legendary RV8 Resource. It has been brought back after many requests, so you’d better buy it. It’s a much improved version of the guide to servicing your Griffith or Chimaera, or any RV8-engined TVR. Its return is not before time. Go to the RV8 Resource page to see what all the fuss is about. 

Recently published is The Chimaera. A celebration of one of the great sports cars. There are also a number of car-related articles that will interest anyone keen on cars and motor-racing. Please visit Old Blugger. You could also enjoy a view on life from the standpoint of someone who has always been somewhat bemused by ‘things’ going on around him. Comments welcomed, as are explanations as to why I’m so confused.

The second change to Writewheel is the separation of my visits to the car shows to that of the musings of the Old Blugger. Details in the menu at the top.

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Derek, aka Harvey Yates