It was my first visit to the Historic Transport Gathering at Amberley Museum and Heritage Centre in October, but it won’t be my last. There was a range of vehicles, including cars from a Benz of 1898 to those of a hundred years later, classic bikes, including an immaculate Scott and historic buses. There were also stationary engines, which I find fascinating, although I know this is not a universal emotion that they generate. But just look at the video:

I’ll be back next year without a shadow of a doubt. Come to that, I’ll be back on Sunday for the Land Rover Classic Day.

The venue was packed. There were half a dozen medium sizes coaches in the car park.

You wait for a classic bus to come along and then . . . well, you know the rest. If fact I saw around 10 of them. I’m not big on buses but they looked great.

One of the refrains one overheard was ‘we had one of those’ and that was one of the attractions for me. My first car was a Ford Pop. My Riley 1.5 was a bit rusty but great fun, if a little understeer happy. I also owned an MGTC – the replacement TD shown.

Everyday cars abounded, which was part of the attraction. So pleasantly different to, say, Goodwood Festival of Speed. I also had a Morris Minor 803, as above. I would have loved a Ford Zephyr, but I was never that cool.

There was also a great selection of rare, exotic, powerful and interesting cars on show. There were lots of and lots of motorcycles as well.

Historic Transport, Amberley

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