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How to buy a classic car

Twelve steps to ensure you don’t get conned

12/ Don’t take ‘one lady owner, well looked after’ at face value. Look for clues as to its use.

11/ Remember, too, that you might want to sell it after a while, so don’t ignore something that puts you off.

It’s lovely, but it’s yellow.

10/ You might like how it looks and goes, but while the car might have street cred, check running costs.

09/ If a police forensics team ask you to wait until they are finished, it is best to leave it.

8/ Most positives have a negative. Ease of access certainly does.

7/ If the sales staff ignore you take the hint; the car is not for you.

6/ If a runner overtakes you, it doesn’t necessarily mean the engine’s knackered.

5/ If the sales staff try to distract you, it means there is something to hide. And admit it, you read this after looking at the picture, so take care.

4/ If there’s no price displayed and you have to ask, don’t bother.

3/ Check that everything is there.

2/ If it won’t fit in your garage, would it be alright to leave it out on the street overnight?

1/ If the salesman is working his notice, treat everything he says with care.

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