Hampton Court Concours 2021

View of the house from the entrance to the park

I got there early, before the crowds. It is the best time at most car shows. The owners are cleaning their cars, and there’s a degree of activity that is more conducive to a relaxed atmosphere that when the owners are staring at viewers in order to scare them to not touch their cars.

The air is cool in the mornings, people don’t stand in front of cameras so much, and there are lots of people willing to chat. 

I was talking to one chap, bemoaning the Porsche dominance of Le Mans, almost ruining it for many, and I later discovered he was the ownder of one of those on display. Ah, well. 

Sorry for the delay in posting but it has been something of an intensive year, especially the second half, for me and mine. See Blugger and the big C if you are wondering what I’m talking about.

Enjoy the video. If you find the commentary oppressive, or have advice about it, please feel free to comment. It’s my first go at it. 


If those who are in the video want a copy of the unedited video, please let me know. If those whose children I’ve pixelled out want the original, I’ll require a photo of the adult with them before release.

Here are a few images of the day.

Dash of a late vintage car
A row of expensive Bentleys
A pre war Bentley tourer
The shell of a Ferrari, awaiting restoration
A recently restored GTO
A pre-war Bentley showing the engine
A stunning Lancia saloon
C-Type Jaguar
Another Bentley. I thought we'd gone on long enough without seeing one
A 1935 Horsch 8, 5 litre open tourer
Horch interior. Roomy and apparently rather comfortable
An immediately pre war Delahaye tourer
The Delahaye's dash. You're not missing mutch to be honest
Another dash of limited interest
An interior shot of a post war bently with a much more interesting dash.
A Rolls Royce Phantom III with a forward-raked windscreen. It looks as hideous as you probably imagine
The rather spectacular engine of a 40/50HP Silver Ghost from 1909. Lovely
The overwhelming 40/50 HP Silver Ghost the engine is fitted to

I hope you like the images. I’ve not named them, apart from Alt-text, to let you have some fun.

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