Masters Historic Brands 2022

If you suggested the Historic Masters event was the same every year, you’d have a point. However, on the other hand, if you enjoyed it last year, you know you’ll probably enjoy it this. The same goes for other indulgencies.

The weather was great, the queue for South Bank was back to the A20 at 7.50, and there were none of the big sports or F1 cars in the Paddock. This last was irritating, but there was till some  cars worth looking at.

Interior shot of little Chevron

The little Chevron. In those days, cars could be pretty and still trounce the opposition. The British equivalent is the Ginetta G12.

Interior of E-Type
E-Type coupe, with go-faster stripe

In comparison with the Chevron, the E-Type is much roomier. That is, right up until to try to get a 6’3″ bloke in one. A tragedy for us big ‘uns.

Rear 3/4 view of Griffith 400

A TVR Griffith 400. I can fit in one of these quite easily, at least without the racing cage. Declutching, on the other hand, is a different matter. I’ve never driven a car that required such ach a hefty push.  Thanks goodness the engine is flexible.

It was an enjoyable day. I’ll be there next year.

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