London Bus Show Brooklands June 2022

My first bus show. I enjoyed it.

There were considerably fewer buses than I’d expected, and quite a few fewer than what I’d hoped. One irritation was that so few allowed spectators to get on board. I mean, they’re buses. That’s what people did when the bus was operational, so why not now, when people had paid a not inconsiderable fee to see them?

Mind you, when I asked anyone apparently with connection with a bus if I could get on, the answer was always yes, with the occasional ‘Of Course’. They were welcoming.

A short ad. Needed for claiming tax relief. If you click on the image of the cover, below, I’ll get excited, even if you don’t complete.

Cover of Bothe Sides of the Force

Great writing style Derek – hits the spot perfectly!

I loved the way in which you have written it, it flows very nicely and I found each chapter flying by.

Excellent writing.

This was brilliant, just finished it. . . . it’s a great insight, that comes across as balanced despite being written by a copper.

For just a couple of quid (London slang for pound Sterling) you can discover what they are all talking about. Written by the star (so says my wife) of a 3-part TV series on BBC. Just click on the image.

It’s about corruption in the City of London police force in the 1970s and 80s.

I know nothing about buses. If there are errors in this bit, I apologise. I’d appreciate you letting me know, in the comments below, where I messed up.

RM – The Routemaster in its standard form

(built 1958 to 1965)

Width, 8′

Length, 27′ 6″

Height, 14′ 4.5″

Seating, 64 (28 Downstairs, 36 Upstairs)

RML – The final form of the Routemaster

(built 1961 and 1965-8)

Width, 8′

Length, 30′

Height, 14′ 4.5″

Seating, 72 (32 Downstairs, 40 Upstairs)

RMC – The Green Line coach version of the Routemaster


The RMC had higher final gearing, air suspension at the rear and a significantly larger fuel tank. It also had wider spaced seats.

Width, 8′

Length, 27′ 6″

Height, 14′ 4.5″

Seating, 57 (25 Downstairs, 32 Upstairs)

RCL – Extended Green Line coach version of the Routemaster (1965)

Width, 8′

Length, 30′

Height, 14′ 4.5″

Seating, 65 (29 Downstairs, 36 Upstairs)


WVL 204 Volvo B7TL Gemini 1

L97 Leyland Olympian

RTL Leyland Titan chassis

RF 600

NLE 600 – AEC Regent IV, 1953

RF19   LUC 219

1951 AEC Regal IV Sightseeing Coach 

I used to be a PC, patrolling the City of London. When I was returning to the nick in order to book off, so looking for some work to get overtime, I saw a blue Reliant 3-wheeler travelling west in Holborn, along the bus lane. I mean, you didn’t have to be a genius to work out there was something wrong.

I walked up to the car, checking those inside. There was a middle-aged male driver and a woman passenger. She was noteworthy as she was laughing. As I got closer, I saw she was trying to stifle her laughter and realised this might be fun.

The driver wound down his window. I said, “Have you reported the theft of 54 seats, sir?” The woman bent her head forward, but was shaking. With suppressed laughter.

The driver said, “I’m sorry officer. I have an excuse, but you won’t believe me.” This was not the normal reply one expects. I asked him what this supposed excuse was, and he refused to tell me. “Just report me,” he said.

“Give it a go, sir. You never know your luck.” The woman caught my eye as I said this. She shook her head.

“OK,” he said. “I’m a bus driver and my route takes me along Holborn. I just forgot I wasn’t in my bus.” This was too much for the woman, whose laughter was shaking the car.

I took a shocked step back. I noticed a certain absence of destination boards, not to mention no upstairs. There seemed to be a disparity between the number of wheels normally expected on London buses. I said to the driver, “You can’t fool me, sir. It’s the wrong colour.”

He said, “It irritates me when car drivers drive along the bus lane, so report me. I don’t mind.” I said, “You expect me to go before the magistrates and tell them you said you thought you were in a bus?”

After that, he used to wave at me whenever he saw me patrolling.


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