Tiling Stevens bus Amberley

It might seem a little odd to go to the Steam Show at Amberley Museum, Sussex, and make a video of a bus. Mind you, it’s a bus with a petrol/electric engine and transmission, although not a hybrid. The petrol engine provides – generates – electric power for the electric motors. 

It might seem a bit odd, but it simplifies the transmission, keeps the engine running at a fairly steady speed, and allows for a more comfortable ride. That said, it’s working against the solid tyres.

It’s an impressive vehicle, both to look at and ride in. It was made in 1914. To save you working it out, that 108 years old.

The Steam bit of the Steam Show will be covered in another video in the next couple of weeks.

Cover image of when wheeler sold tvr

If you appreciate what I’m doing, it might be nice if you took the time to view my books. The most popular are the ones on TVRs. There’s a fair range, from the RV8 Resource, sold world-wide, to the free Wiring Guidance.

I edited the TVR Car Club magazine, Sprint, for the four years from the sale by Peter Wheeler to the mess that Smolenski made of it, shutting the Blackpool manufacturing base. 

When Wheeler Sold TVR is my view, that of a limited insider, of the farce.

The book is sad; we lost too much to make it funny, but there are some light-hearted moments, particularly from stories from the ex-staff.

Click here on on image to be taken to the page for When Wheeler Sold TVR.

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