Shorland Landy

Where we’re going, right of ways don’t matter

A Shorland Mk III, military ref 47 GF 53. Delivered to NI in June 1975 and struck off in October 1984.

This Shorland Mk III was delivered to Northern Ireland in June 1975 and struck off in November 1984.

It takes its name from Short Bros and Harland, Belfast. It’s on a 109 chassis, with a six-cylinder petrol engine. On the Road weight, 2980kg. The turret is based on the one on a Ferret. Armament a 7.62 general purpose machine gun.

What does general purpose mean?

Who doesn’t want to drive it?

There’s plenty of thigh room, but forward view is rather restricted. Who cares? No one is going to argue with the driver.

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