Hampton Court Concours 2022

My third visit to Hampton Court Concours in four years. It gets better and better. It’s a remarkable car show, with some wonderful vehicles, and nice people. I’ll be there next year.

It gets better every year

I love the Gurney Nutting Bentley. I know it has little to do with the Blue Train painting, but who cares. It’s lovely to look at and hear.

The Hispano Suiza Dubbonet H6B Dubonnet Xenia was eye-catching. Not the car you could walk past with just a glance. It has a straight-six 8 litre engine. I believe the couple pictured on the bench seat at the end are Mr and Mrs Mullin, owners of the car. A very pleasant couple. Thank-you for your assistance.

The highlight of the day for me. The 1908 Darracq SS Course, owned and presented by Stéphane Darracq, the recently appointed General Manager of the Automobile Club de l’Ouest. His enthusiasm for the car and cars in general came over after a couple of minutes chatting with him. Nice chap. Thanks for being so entertaining.

While I was sitting on a bench admiring the line of V12 Packards, the first time they had been out of the USA as a unit – once in a lifetime and all that – as they were displayed, I started talking with a woman who appeared entranced with the cars. By her phraseology I assumed she owned one of them. I asked, as you do, which one, and her reply was, “Oh, all of them.” That’s the best answer I’ve ever had to an unresearched question. Fabulous.

They looked remarkable.

I tried to make a video about all the cars on display, but there was so many that I was defeated. This is merely the footage of other cars, not used above. If anyone would like the rax footage sent to them, just ask.

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