Amberley Spring Bus Show

Another thoroughly entertaining show put on by Amberley Museum. I know little about buses, but I found the day fascinating. Lots of buses to ride on, and there’s a little saddle-tank engine pulling a little train. Kids seemed to love it.

The ride was a wee bit harsh on the bus shown in the video. By a wee bit, I mean it’s good I’m tee-total as had my kidneys not been robust, I think I might have had to stop drinking for a while. They were pounded.

Good fun day for the whole family. One thing was apparent. The drivers of the on-site buses were not the same as bus drivers on the road. A couple were running for a bus that was about to pull away, and the driver waited for them. Surreal.

Open top ex-Southdown double-decker
Post-war double-decker. Red. Described as one of the best tin-fronted double-deckers.
Two ex-Southdown pre-war single-deckers.
Interior of single-decker.
Diver's seat, single-decker. Sparse controls.

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