Hadlow Down Steam 2023

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, although post-Covid tiredness – getting slowly better – meant that I stayed for the morning alone. That meant cramming everything into three hours. Yet there was more than enough present for a full day, and even the weekend. Mind you, the climb from the car park to the entrance was a bit of a test. Last time I went up something that steep, I was wearing cramp-ons and roped to the chap in front.

It was well worth the effort though.

Lots of smells, smoke and characters. Everyone there was present, all up for a joke (as you” hear) and when I asked if it was alright to show people’s children on YouTube, they all thanked me for asking. A really pleasant lot.

I hope you enjoy the video. It’s a bit longer than my normal length. I’ve included the cars, including a lovely TF (the original type) and no way was I going to exclude it.

Thanks to the presenters.

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