Brooklands VSCC meeting

The 28 January 2024 was my first outing of the year. It was superb weather and the crowd, and it was crowded, enjoyed the day. Lots of movement, lots of cars, and, as here, attempts, mostly successful, to get the cars up the test hill. It was a feature of road testing, particularly by Motor Sport magazine (I’m told) pre war. It might not look all that steep, but the last time I went up anything that difficult, I wore crampons and was roped to the person in front.

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Brooklands is that spectators can wander around the whole area, less those bits with cars competing. Cars dive past, feet away. They managed to avoid you, unlike the spectators, many of whom wandered in front of my camera. What you will not see is the number of those who waited until I’d finished or who walked behind me. You can hear me occasionally saying ‘thank-you’ when there’s no one on video. This is to the nice people.

I’m going to use my gimbal to make me look less like some old nerd and more of a serious photographer.

Click the wheel to be taken to the page for books on TVR and the RV8 engine. You can also look at my other books, particularly the ones on my early career in the police, both books being well-reviewed on Kindle.

If you’d like to use my footage for any purpose, please ask. I will be happy to send the unedited footage, although still with those faces I’ve blurred.

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