World War II commemoration

In contradiction to what actually happened, the commemoration of WWII at Amberley had a poor turnout of British and Commonwealth vehicles. There was a troop of Home Guard, parading all through the day, but there was a lot of American vehicles, all manned by British people.

Of particular note were the women, many dressed in the fashion and uniforms of the time. They looked splendid, and hopefully felt the effort worthwhile. Well done. 

My history teacher, so long ago now that the lessons could be classed as history in more ways than one, proposed that in years to come, there would not be a World War Two. Future generations would class both World Wars as The Wars of the early 20th Century. To support his contention, he mentioned, among others, the Hundred Years War which, he said, was a series of wars. Recently, I heard a historian suggesting the same thing.

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