SADCASE Car Club at Amberley

The completely uncontrived title of the Storrington and District Classic and Sportscar Enthusiast Car Club, SADCASE, hides a different form of car club. It boasts over 1700 members, but, most importantly, a vast range of cars, from the Grand Tour creation, featured in this video, to the ex-Sir Stirling Moss/Jean Lindawood, 1989 Pirelli Classic Marathon 1965 MGB no less. I mean, MGBs don’t get much more classic than that.

Membership is free. Got to

The ex-Clarkson thing

The Clarkson car garnered more attention than the Moss MGB, which tells us something about people, but what that is I have no idea. The owners of the Clarkson car were very pleasant and were more than willing to chat to anyone who wanted to talk about their new car, bought about a week before. They were very nice to a fat old bloke taking photographs and video. Zach was very helpful.

I didn’t expect the event to be that interesting, thinking it was just another car club event, but I was wrong, and in a big way. Thanks to everyone who brought their cars for us nerds to salivate over. For me, it was a lovely morning.

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