I write for both a hobby and for a bit of money. Not much money, but as it is something that I enjoy doing, the little remuneration I do receive is something of a bonus.

Below you will find the click-throughs to a selection of articles that either have been published before or have been deemed below par by editors. (What do they know?) Not that I’m bitter of course. Click on the images to be taken to the article.

If you want a well reviewed writer, give me a call. I specialise on SEO web copy and have in-depth knowledge of criminal law (I used to teach it to police officers), motoring, F1 including historical and also rugby union from all levels. I am a trained copy reader and have an excellent knowledge of grammar and current usage. I have also edited two theses.


My Chim   my 350

Going from a TVR Chimaera to an SLK 350 automatic. Not quite the dramatic change you might think.



Peg, here with the 1914 French Grand Prix winning Mercedes. Learn about this remarkable woman.



The Rennwagen: a sense of the dramatic, and a sense of humour.


Row of 300SLRs

Me and my mate Moss. How we met and then, after years of separation, met again.


Big Merec front

Janis Joplin and Mercedes-Benz.



How to avoid the common mistakes when buying a car. Warning: very little smut.