Brooklands, at least what is left of it, is well worth the £11 entry fee even when there’s no event on. For something like the Morgan Day, 1 October 2017, it was something of a bargain. Park in Mercedes-Benz World by the footbridge and once you’ve exhausted yourself or the exhibits you can look at some lovely Mercs as well. Thanks to Nigel of MOG (MogMag), ‘Magazine for the Morgan Enthusiast’ (there was no definite article so don’t blame me) and especially Robert Web, the saxaphonist, for allowing me to use his music in the background of the video.  It was a really dull day and I think I have been able to show this in my images.

If anyone wants a copy of a photograph, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m happy to send them although you cannot use one for commercial reasons without written authority. They may be published in any club magazine, but there must be a link to

1. More than just an old circuit
2. There was a good turnout
3. 4. Cool or what? It made a lovely sound.

5. 6. above, 7 left. I love the new 3-wheeler. The only thing is that is seems to be trying too hard. Mind you, if I had the money, I’d have one immediately. Or at least I’d join the waiting list. 

They look just so much fun. 

8. 9. and 10. I didn’t go much on the Aero 8 when it first came out, it seeming to me to be neither one thing nor the other. Then, on the way to Silverstone, one came up behind me on the M4.

I got it then. It pulled alongside – I was in my TVR, and the passenger gave me a wave. It then shot off. It was stunning. Sounded great as well.

Since then I’ve been a convert. I suppose it is obvious. Cars should be looked at when they are on the road or a circuit. Great car. 

11 – 14. A Morgan is one of the few cars that looks good from any angle.

16 – 20. The wet weather was a shame. It was just so dull. Also, most of the cars had their hoods up. That is just not Morgan.

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