You will be sent the book of your choice via an attachment to an email. All books are in .pdf form, viewable on any desktops via laptops through the various sizes of tablets/iPads to smartphones, although tablets of 7″ are the smallest convenient size.

Ecwid is a well respected e-commerce provider.

 Also available on Kindle:

TVR Chimaera: A Sports Car for Everyone, When Wheeler Sold TVR, from Le Mans to that man, Both Sides of the Force, A Tour of Forces, So you’ve never played rugby, The SLK Guide,  Editing a Small Circulation Magazine

are also available on Kindle, although at a slightly higher price. 

ONLY AVAILABLE ON KINDLE: Cancer, Me and my Prostate. Note that the cover image on Kindle differs to that shown on this website, and, indeed, the book itself.

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Allow 48 hrs for delivery via email, although most orders are completed within five hours. Any problems, tell me via email to . Include the ref. no. of your payment.

I’m sorry, really sorry, that I can’t supply the books via an automated download. If you want to know why, check out the most ludicrous bit of legislation: VATMOSS. I’d have to increase the cost of each book by around 45%.