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It doesn’t take much to crack what my latest book is all about. I edited the TVR Car Club magazine for four years, winning an award. Despite this I made a heroic number of mistakes, some which affected my magazine, the worst crime of an editor.

I use my time in post, and that of other editors, to allow you to avoid some of them. Unfortunately not all as you will make decisions where you bewilder not only your readers, team and graphic editor, but you as well. Editing a Small Circulation Magazine will help you to protect your magazine if not your reputation.

The book is lighthearted in the main but is serious when it gets to serious matters, such as ethics and morals. Editors are journalists, in the same business as those you see in war zones, after earthquakes and revealing the underside of life, and that is why you should set high standards of conduct, even in your small circulation magazine.

I have written for money for over 40 years and feel that editing turned me from gamekeeper to poacher. So I’ve exposed some of the tricks of the trade so as you will be able to resist using them. Right up, that is, until they become a necessity, then you’ll have a choice.

I’ll tell you why it’s an excellent idea to ‘kill your darlings’ although I should emphasise that it is seen as bad form to kill contributors who ignore deadlines. PC gone mad, eh?

Published on 29 October for a measly $3, that’s about £2.45 since the exit vote, it is well worth the money if you are, are about to, or are considering editing a small circulation magazine, such as business to business, an internal company magazine or a club magazine. It is also of use to those already in post who wonder how everything went so wrong.

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