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I’ve just had my annual 15-monthly website update. If you expect errors, poor formatting and missing links, I promise not to disappoint you.

The arrangement is now to have all the shows on a blog, so you can find your way around easily. There’s my books; lots to buy. Plans are for an delve into my photography, and for the Old Blugger to look at the 2024 F1 season. See below.

Close to my heart, although only emotionally, is my experience of prostrate cancer. It’s meant to reassure, although you will not believe what I’ve had stuck up my fundament, and to entertain.

I’ll tell you what we bring: tours of shows, lots of books, comment on life, the Universe and lots of other stuff

The latest show is HERE. Click on this paragraph to be taken to the VSCC meet at Brookland January 2024.

You, like me, will gain a new respect for the bloke, it has to be a bloke, who invented lubricant, and I’ll introduce you to my new superpower: I’m SlashNav man. I’m all zapped back to health now.

There are some on TVRs, particularly the last days of the post-Wheeler period, the Chimaera and the RV8 engine. There’s a free wiring guide for Chimaeras and Griffiths. There are books on my time in the police. This included the middle 70s to the middle 80s in the City of London police, a time of corruption, which have been well-reviewed. The book gave rise to a couple of TV interviews and a spell on the BBC’s Bent Coppers: Crossing the Line of Duty, periodically available on iPlayer.

There are books on the Mercedes SLK, an idiot’s guide to rugby, including its laws, and more, with more to come.

Have a wander around the site. There’s something for everyone.

The Old Blugger, in addition to the weird and off-the-wall observations of the world, has some plans for F1. Animation is fun, and F1 is dull. Marry to two, and who knows? I’ve had questions, via the Contacts Page, of my camera and setup. While I’m firmly of the opinion, now that I’ve just bought my latest camera, that equipment is secondary to the person pressing the button, or making changes in image software, I often peruse the YouTube offerings.

See Old Blugger in the top menu above.

The Shows remain, although the individual pages have been changed to blogs. This means they are in date order but, importantly, they can be accessed using Categories, the little headings above the title, to bring posts of a similar nature together.

I hope you like the change in design and layout. Please leave a message for me below. Any advice from the WordPress aficionados would also be appreciated.

Derek, aka Harvey Yates

Cover for Tour of Forces, showing map and course

There are two Forces books. The first, Both Sides of the Force, includes the first 10 years of service in the City of London Police, at a time of a firm within a firm. This corrupt group organised three armed raids in and around the City, with a security guard being murdered in the raid on the Daily Mirror in New Fetter Lane. The second, A Tour of Forces, covers the balance of the 30 years in a large county force.

The author admits to being barely adequate at best, not to mention being naive, so struggled with the corrupt group, eventually being threatened by one of it top members, one reputed to have murdered someone in a police station.

The time in the county force is more straightforward, but with promotion came responsibility, and the occasional big decision. He runs up against thoughtless, and perhaps inefficient, people of rank. And makes a hash of it.

The author was interviewed three times on television, once even being included in a BBC TV series, Bent Coppers – Crossing the Line of Duty, occasionally available on iPlayer. He’s in the third episode – the best one.

Read the reviews – 4.5 stars on Kindle – and you’ll be astounded how little such a masterpiece will cost you.

There are a number of books on TVR. There’s the rather famous RV8 Resource, condescended to by Ed China on Wheeler Dealers – now that’s fame, which covers servicing TVRs with the RV8 engine. There are a couple of books specific to the RV8. And the latest in line is When Wheeler Sold TVR, which covers the time for the inaugural ELMS race on the Bugatti Circuit of Le Mans in 2003, to the final days of TVR in the hands of some Russian. It’s sad, but enlightened by stories and anecdotes from those who worked in the factory.

There’s a Wiring Guide for early Chims and Griffs, and a book on the Mercedes SLK.

There are other books, notably one on the author’s experience of prostate cancer. It’s meant to be reassuring, or at least as far as it can be given what was stuffed up the author’s fundament over a period of years. The bloke, and it has to be a bloke, who invented lubricant should be knighted. It contains one bit of advice: it could save your life. It’s worth the pittance just for that.

TVR book cook cover, showing two side views of Chimearas, one early, and one late models

You’ve Googled prostrate cancer, you’re bemused by the jargon, you haven’t an idea what’s going to happen. Here’s some old guy who has that burning desire, not only to urinate, but to give you someone to empathise with. It’s not all jargon, although you’ll be told of new words, like slashnav, that skill we old ‘uns all develop. It’s all true, as seen through the eyes of someone just like you who was told he had cancer. But not any more. Click on the image to be taken to the Kindle page.