A Sports Car for Everyone

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This book is a celebration of the model. It is the best-selling car that Wheeler made, and the book tries to explain why.

There’s a full description of the car, with a handy chapter on how to tell one update from another. There’s a bit on buying, but it isn’t just a buyer’s guide.

The book if for everyone who loves cars, TVRs, and Chimaeras.

It can be yours for just £2.25. Go to our secure Buying page. Or if you prefer to spend more money than is necessary, it’s just £2.61 on Kindle. 

It’s been pointed out by a reader that this is the best-selling book dedicated to the Chimaera. It’s the only one, but grab positives when you can.

As you can see from this sample page, there are lots of images, and lots of information.


Reviews just in, just three days after publication:

SL said that it was a brilliant read, well put together and he loved the photos.

ED agreed and said it was a good read.

AH said that he read it all on one go. Brilliant! And also mentioned the When Wheeler Sold TVR book.

JB What a great read! Lovely photos and very informative. Thanks very much for putting together.

LL Great read, Derek

A page from the book

My thanks to all those who helped in the production of the book, particularly:

Tim Lamont of ACT Performance Products. See

Steve Edwards. See https://www.steve-edwards.com/

Andrew Cliffe, of Omicron Engineering Ltd, and motorsport photographer.
Colin Logan, also motorsport photographer.

Westwood Cylinder Liners. See https://westwoodcylinderliners.co.uk/
As ever, I’d like to give special thanks to Andy Hills for the permission to
use his lovely images.