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Amberley Spring Bus Show

Miniature Steam Fair, 2022 Amberley

Amberley Steam Fair – the Big Ones

Tiling Stevens petrol/electric bus Amberley

London Bus Show Brooklands

Hampton Court Concours 2022

Hampton Court Concours 2021

Stirling Mosss TributeDay Brooklands 2021

Waldron Classic Car and Bike Show 2021

Brooklands motor sport day 2019

Concours of Elegance 2019

VSCC 85th Anniversary Celebrations Brands Hatch

Brooklands Relived 2019

Goodwood Festival of Speed, 2019

Brooklands Double 12, 2019

British marques we’ve lost

London to Brighton Emancipation Run 2018

Rob Walker Centenary Festival

London Scale Trail Riders

Sussex Radio Control Car Club

Headcornn Model Show 2018

Headcorn – The boats

Headcorn – The Cars

Headcorn – The Planes

1994 British Grand Prix

Classic Land Rovers

Historic Masters, Brands Hatch, 2018

Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

Peg, the Redoubtable An impressive woman at Goodwood

BBWF The Big, Bad Wedge Festival 

Double 12, Brooklands

Silverstone Classic

London to Brighton Veteran Car Run

Historic Transport, Amberley

Morgans at Brooklands

Shorland Landy A Land Rover for war

Caterham Weekend

Vincents at Brands

Those crazy German engineers – Rennwagen 

How to buy a classic car

12/ Don’t take ‘one lady owner, well looked after’ at face value. Look for clues as to its use.

11/ Remember, too, that you might want to sell it after a while, so don’t ignore something that puts you off.

It’s lovely, but it’s yellow.

10/ You might like how it looks and goes, and while the car might have street cred, check running costs.

09/ If a police forensics team ask you to wait until they are finished, it is best to leave it.

8/ Most positives have a negative. Ease of access certainly does.

7/ If the sales staff ignore you take the hint; the car is not for you.

6/ If a runner overtakes you, it doesn’t necessarily mean the engine’s knackered.

5/ If the sales staff try to distract you, it means there is something to hide. And admit it, you read this after looking at the picture, so take care.

4/ If there’s no price displayed and you have to ask, don’t bother.

3/ Check that everything is there.

2/ If it won’t fit in your garage, would it be alright to leave it out on the street overnight?

1/ If the salesman is working his notice, treat everything he says with care.