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TVR and the part the editor of Sprint, the TVR Car Club magazine, had in its downfall.

It will be a celebration of the marque in the four years from late 2003 when TVR was at its peak. They were heady days, with TVRs finishing at the 24 hour race in 2004. Soon after we heard the anticipated news that Peter Wheeler had sold up, but not to a consortium of enthusiasts, as expected, but to a young lad from Russia. There were lots of promises. There was little in the way of delivery.

You will find new images, new stories, and new revelations.

Despite the depressing end of TVR in the slippery hands of its new owner, the book has a positive slant on the people and cars of the time.

This is what TVR produced in the latter days of the Wheeler era.

If you don’t turn the sound up for the first 30 seconds of video, you won’t forgive yourself. 29,000 viewers can’t be wrong.

Quieter, and more refined, was a ride to the inaugural Le Mans Endurance Series event with, again, two cars finishing.


The book is largely fun and a celebration of one of the great British marques.

We hope for a revival of course. 

The book is due middle April. It will be available on Kindle as well, but to quote one of my favourite authors, Douglas Adams, it is slightly cheaper here.