A V8 in a GT40

Brooklands motor sport day 2019

It was my final visit to Brooklands for 2019 and I was hoping for decent weather. As you can see from the video and images, I spent some time looking at the assembled cars. There was not an overwhelming number, but what was there was interesting.
The Ferrari, Lamborghini and Dallara gave a lot of opportunity for those who can’t make up their minds to not make up their minds. There was the normal eclectic of cars, as one would expect given the rather vague title to the meeting. The owners were the normal friendly bunch, only too willing to have a chat and tell you all about their cars.
On the Finishing Straight there was a car test laid out. I’ve done a bit of this myself, way back when, and found it a thrilling, and cheap, way of spending a day. It’s perfect for those who don’t mind making an ass of themselves the first time. Or two. You need a source of cheap tyres though.
I wandered over to Mercedes-Benz World for a coffee, and to look at what they had on display. After getting on for an hour, I noticed that it was raining. Raining heavily. I didn’t want to get my camera wet, as you don’t, and went to my car to get my umbrella. Even before I got there I remembered lending it to my wife a couple of days earlier. That ended my final 2019 visit to Brooklands.

Two off-road racers
The cockpit of a Benetton

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