Classic Land Rovers

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Some images of classic Land Rovers from the accurately named Classic Land Rover Day at Amberley Museum in Sussex.

If you’d like to see them live then there’s a rerun on 14 October this (2018) year at the Amberley Museum. They also have an Ale Day a few weeks before if you feel the need to reconnoitre the  location.

There were quite a few Series 1 Landies, with everything from the ‘as-new’ to just off the farm. There was some argument about one that looked as if it had come straight off the production line. It bemused me. It would not do for us all to like the same things. The owner was probably, and rightly, proud of it. Good on yer, mate.

The selection of S2 Landies was slightly greater, and the range remarkable. I sat in a couple – thanks to the friendly owners.

The Series 3 range was not quite so vast, but still remarkable. It’s my favourite Landy and I had a little dream of owning the one I was allowed to sit in. I’ve got a duff hip so can no longer declutch, but it doesn’t stop me dreaming.

The range of military vehicles was vast, with a considerable number, and variation, of forward control vehicles, some in camouflage. I might have missed some. The RN one looked good in blue.

Thanks to all those who took the trouble to bring their vehicles, and for being so approachable. I was allowed to climb all over the Shorland. I’ll be back this year.

And if you are into Landies, why not take one where it’s meant to go? Here’s a little video of a morning at 4×4 Driving in Slindon.

It’s as much fun as it looks.

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