Brooklands Relived 2019

Contrary to suggestions, the road was not shelled

Brooklands Relived is a celebration of the history of Brooklands circuit. Opened in 1907, it was the first purpose-built motor racing circuit in the world. It was also an aerodrome, and aircraft were built there right into WWII. It was bombed. The banking was not destroyed until it was removed to enlarge the runway.

Relived celebrates the period from 1907 to 1939.

The event included static displays as well as circuits along the finishing straight and climbs of the test hill. Lots of noise at times, whilst on occasion all we had was a lone cyclist.

There were some big, and some small cars in the display area

There are, oddly, only a few books on the circuit. ‘Bill’ Boddy, the editor and later columnist in Motor Sport wrote what was largely regarded as the definitive history, so that probably puts authors off a bit. I’ve got a copy and I keep meaning to dig it out from the boxes I stored my books in when we moved.

I’m told this is an MGTA. I owned an MGTC and the differences are sublime.
Whichever you might choose, they are delightful to own.

Bill Boddy deserves as thorough a history written about him. He all but created the modern vintage and classic car passion we all enjoy now during his editorship of Motor Sport in his 55 years as editor and his column, the last of which he completed days before his death at the age of 91.

He championed Brooklands, trying to get it reinstated once the runway was no longer needed. His diatribe against the supermarket that had preference was memorable.

If anyone does want to pay tribute to him, I know a little story about the time the management of Motor Sport dumped him.

It was a good day. The weather was great; not too hot. Brooklands has the advantage of covered displays of cars, buses and aircraft so great for a visit any day, whatever the weather.


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