Amberly Classics 2024

Years ago, I was told by a doctor that my progressive back problems would mean that I would have difficulty walking withing 15 years. That was over 20 years ago. I can still walk. He gave me exercises and a weight limit which, he reckoned, no one bothered to conform to, which meant problems in 15 years. I took this as a challenge and performed the exercises and kept my weight down, the latter for a while at least. I realise now I fell for his reverse psychology, for which I am grateful.

However, It means I tend to look after my back. A camera, even a micro-four-thirds (small) model, with very light lenses is now a bit of a test, so I try different methods to ease the pain of using a stabiliser. Online advice was to walk with bent knees, and as if I had a coin between the cheeks of my bottom. This video is me trying the advice. The video looks jerky. Not only that, I looked as if I was trying to walk with a coin between the cheeks of my bottom.


I hope it doesn’t spoil the view of Amberley Classics Show too much.

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