2018 was my first Double 12 and I regret not going in the past.

There was a varied selection of vehicles, many that I did not recognise. One thing that struck me was that the owners and competitors were a friendly bunch, Miss Annabel Jones, the woman revving her engine in the early part of the video, was only too happy to comply with my request to do so.

Another point of note was that spectators not only tried to avoid getting into shot but would thank me when I motioned them across once I’d filmed. It’s not common. Silverstone Classic is a case in point.

Despite having gone to Brooklands a few times, this was my first foray into the aircraft hangar. I loved the Fury.

The range of early aircraft, all replicas, were all well done, showing just how flimsy the planes were whilst still allowing us spectators to get up close. The Sopwith Camel looked a lot smaller than it appeared in the Biggles books.

So lots of lovely cars, and a great range of them. From the first to race at Brooklands to more modern classics, there was, as they say, something to interest everyone.

One complaint, though, is that the ‘speed trials’ was all but out of view of spectators. We could see the start but everything else was obscured by crash barriers or distance. I understand the need for safety, but they were advertised as a major attraction. I did not bring my binoculars unfortunately but did have my 300mm lens.

The one criticism aside, it was a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Double 12, Brooklands

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