There’s something rather special about the Goodwood Festival of Speed. People are ready to talk to you, like the father and daughter on the Land Rover stand. The young woman’s enthusiasm for the BRM was contagious. People apologised if they got in the way of photographers, and held back if they saw you were filming. Hence my ‘thank-you’ at the end of the video. It’s appreciated and I hope I was able to reciprocate.

The patience of those who brought their cars to the show and had to ask them to move out of the way was remarkable.



The cars weren’t only stationary.

It looked good fun, but better, I think, to drive off road yourself.

Thanks to John Morgan of 4×4 Driving (see ) for his hospitality and help in making the video. In order to be certain I was safe when videoing I stood in front of a substantial tree. Once the shot was over I turned to find multiple collision scars on the poor tree. The drivers were friendly as well. I asked two guys to drive through the puddle for filming and they put on quite a show. It looked great. One thing of note was that the little Jimney was the equal of any of the big 4x4s. One of the double cab pick ups got stuck due to the long overhang at the rear and the Jimney sailed past.

Got a car with a Rover V8 engine? Then the RV8 Resource is for you. 


Goodwood Festival of Speed 2018

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