Books on the company, the most popular car, the fabulous engine fitted to many and that bane of TVR; wiring. All written with the intent to entertain the reader. When JL bought books from me, I said I hoped he found them worth the price. He replied, ‘You haven’t let me down yet Derek, thoroughly enjoyed everything I have read so far on the RV8,’

I’ve had a number of requests for the RV8 Resource to be made available again. (Those who demanded it had better buy it. Just saying.) It’s been modified and added to. Some of the errors have been removed, and additional tasks are included. Click on the image, right, and be taken to the buying page. We use the well-respected, and secure Ecwid software.

I hope you like it and that it is as popular as it ever was.

Welcome to the latest addition to the TVR book list. 

TVR Chimaera

A Sports Car for Everyone

It’s for those who own a Chimaera, those who want a Chimaera, those who, like me, used to own a Chimaera, and those who like books about cars.

Click the image for more details.

Reviews just in:

SL said that it was a brilliant read, well put together and he loved the photos.

ED agreed and said it was a good read.

AH said that he read it all on one go. Brilliant! And also mentioned my When Wheeler Sold TVR book.

JB said: What a great read! Lovely photos and very informative. Thanks very much for putting together.

When Wheeler Sold TVR covers my experiences in the four years I edited the TVR Car Club magazine, Sprint. It went from the inaugural Le Mans Endurance Race at Le Mans in November 2003 to the collapse of production under the new owner, and then the various mythical restarts.

Click on the image for more details.

Want to know what a Rover V8 is made of? Then The Rover V8 in Pictures is for you. 

It’s free as well. 

Click on the image for further information.

There is a certain lack of dependable wiring information and diagrams for the TVR Griffith and Chimaera. To a sort of rescue comes Rover V8 Wiring Guidance.

It includes various bits on the early Land Rover wiring as well. 

It’s free, but it is free guidance remember.

Click on the image for further details.

Feel free to comment on TVR, the Rover V8 or any of the books. Any author is pathetically pleased when someone acknowledges their existence.


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