A selection of my videos, which I’ve published on YouTube. I know I’m no great film producer and the skills with one bit of software that I developed over the years were rendered all but useless when I changed to another, but I hope you enjoy them. All from the Harvey Yates page on YouTube.

The first is the Big Bad Wedge Fest 2019.

If you enjoyed 2019, how about 2017?

The greatest, and noisiest, and most outrageous TVR ever: the Speed 12, this time driving through London. Turn the sound up, especially for the for 30 seconds. It is audio porn.

What better way to travel to the inaugural Le Mans Endurance Race, 2013, than in a TVR Tuscan.

I’m happy to publish other TVR videos on this page. If you produced them, please let me know. Please don’t make them too professional looking as I’m a little nervous of comparison. I’m only just getting used to my new software.


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