The fabulous BBWF of 2017. As you can see, there was a massive turnout, with owners obviously taking a great deal of time to prepare their cars for the show.

Thanks guys.

If anyone would like a copy of any image on the page, please feel free to download it for personal use. I’ve multiple images of most cars so if you’d like me to send all those of one, or more, cars, please send me your email address via the Contacts Page. Please include the number by the car’s image.

The images are a beefy 7meg each so of higher technical quality than here.

I’ve got a favour to ask at the end of this page. I’d appreciate it if you’d give it your attention. A great weekend, thoroughly enjoyable.

Thanks for looking. Now that favour . . .

I’m considering writing a little e-book on my time as editor of Sprint. I saw Peter Wheeler leave and some other guy take over for a few minutes. The idea is to chronicle those years, a sort of TVR: My Part in its Downfall.

I’m after information on what it was like to work for Peter, buy cars from him, race against him, all that sort of thing. I’m not out to bury Peter but to praise him, but all stories and anecdotes more than welcome. Anything on Smolensky accepted.

Contact via the Contacts Page

Thanks, Derek


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