The RV8 Resource is no longer available online

However, it will be available soon in a modified form. I can’t say anything at the moment. Please return to this page by the beginning of April and see how you can access it.

If you are in urgent need of the Servicing Guide, contact me and I’m sure we can find a solution.

Everything you wanted to know about the Rover V8 engine written, in the main, in non-technical language and profusely illustrated throughout. Whilst some of the information is specific to the TVRs graced with the unit, most of the information is relevant to all RV8 owners.

Loads of information, loads of illustration; if you have a Rover V8 engine, this is the book for you.

When you order the RV8 Resource you will receive the Illustrated Guide, with 200p and 250 images of the Rover  V8 engine. The book covers all the points listed below. Attached to a second email you will be the Servicing Your Rover V8 which includes a Servicing Guide for TVR Griffiths and Chimaeras, consisting of over 100pp covering all the major servicing items, less replacing of the fuel filter and timing, plus specification of the RV8, including torque wrench settings.

The book is littered with high resolution, full colour photographs so you can identify exactly what is being discussed.

Included in the second book are wiring diagrams of specific items on Classic Range Rovers and TVR Griffs and Chims, together with a full wiring diagram of the Griffith and Chimaera in two parts.


The photos of the engine:
Genesis, Plenum, Fuel rail, Rocker cover, Rocker shaft. Inlet manifolding, Head, Valves, Sump, Timing chain cover, Timing gears, Oil pump, Camshaft, Pistons, Crankshaft, Block.

Tasks and information
Stepper motor, Priming oil pump, O-ring replacement, Rocker replacement, Plenum base removal, Exhaust gasket replacement, Manifold bolts, ECU, Lucas 14 CUX, 14CUX in detail, ECU fault codes, Emerald ECU, Megasquirt, Misfire, Misfire experiences, Overheating, Overheating survey, Work and energy, Tuning, Tuning – a guide, Forced induction, Cam profiles, Cam timing, Oil pressure, Reliability, Flanged liner, Hydraulic tappets, Alternative parts, Terms.

The Rover V8 Resource is the definitive guide to the Rover V8 engine. It started 11 years ago and has developed ever since. The highlight was a mention on Wheeler Dealers, and I am grateful for the condescension. Read what others have said about a previous edition of the Resource:

This is fantastic stuff, thanks; The Resource is getting very tasty, mate, well done; . . . your fantastic resource . . .; The step by step guide to misfire in your resource looks great; Derek’s just been very helpful with his suggestions; Thanks for your efforts; Fantastic work; Seems too good to be true; A wonderful resource; You are a TVR god (x2); Brilliant; What can I say – absolutely fantastic!; Great detail, and would give me the right level of info to have a go, with pictures!; . . . and has helped me a great deal; Your superb resource helped immensely with the restoration of the 400.

And my favorite:

You are a Colossus bestriding the net