Here’s a little of ‘discovered footage’ from the 94 British GP. It is rather poorish quality, VHSC I’m afraid.

The race had a number of incidents at the start. In fact it had a number or starts. On the first parade lap, Coulthard’s Williams failed to start. Also, as can be seen on the video, Schumacher in the Benetton, passed Hill’s Williams, which was on pole. The video is taken from Stowe and Hill didn’t get back in the lead until Vale. It was clearly no momentary lapse on Schumacher’s behalf. He was taking the mickey.

There was a second parade lap and MS took the lead again. Irivine conked out on the parade lap and Brundell blew up on the start. However, it wasn’t a total loss for British drivers. Hill won after Schumacher was black flagged. Herbert, in the difficult Lotus, moved through the field and Coulthard, starting from the pits, got as far as 5th.

From what I remember, it’s a long time ago, it was an enjoyable race with a number of battles through the field. On the video is an exciting dual between Alesi, in a Ferrari, and Hill.

It was a tough year for F1 with the San Marion GP resulting in the deaths of Ratzenberger and Senna, plus injuries to Barrichello, mechanics and spectators.

1994 British Grand Prix

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