London Scale Trail Riders

Years ago I attempted model aircraft flying. I was not a natural. My planes did not land so much as arrive. When flying it inverted and towards me I managed to put my plane into the ground at full speed. I broke the radio control receiver and sent it back to the manufacturer, McGregor, for repair and included a covering letter explaining my ineptitude. The receiver was repaired and returned, with a delightful explanation as to why there was no charge. I was, it seemed, the first customer to admit being at fault.

Here’s a little video of the London Scale Trail Riders fun day.

I scratch-built radio control cars after my failure as a flier, but I changed jobs and had to work long hours, with the norm being three days off a month. So hobbies were put on the back burner. Now I have time, and a bit of money, to indulge my whims. I think I’ll enjoy scale radio control crawling.

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