London to Brighton Emancipation Run 2018

There’s something compulsive about the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. As you can see from the page title, I’ve always, and continue to, call it the Emancipation Run. I’ve no idea why this title seemingly fell out of fashion but as the sponsors, Bonhams’, use VCR then I suppose one should go by that. Note: names taken from those published by Bonhams.

2018 was blessed with lovely weather. Not too cold and dry; just what all the competitors and spectators wanted.

One feature of the day is always the fun the competitors show, at least most of them. Take Ben and Gillian in the 1903 Oldsmobile Curved Dash.

The image in the tanning salon window can’t have helped.

There’s something rather enjoyable about an 1899 Wolseley valiantly holding up traffic. It’s impressive.

De Dion Boutons were not quite as common as muck but there were a number of them. Below we have a 1902 version, followed by a 1903.

I think the goggles were a mistake.

I can’t remember seeing this 6 hp single-cylinder 1902 Knox previously. I’m not sure what the moustache means.

There was a great deal of chatting going on between the spectators and competitors, as can be seen here with the driver of this 1902 Peugeot not minding that she’s not wearing gloves. In the video, below, you will see that the fitted hooter doesn’t work.

The 1904 Cadillac stopped for refreshments to the inner tubes.

As can be seen, it was immaculately prepared.

It seems harsh to suggest that this red label Rolls Royce is an interloper. After all, it’s almost brand new. I’ve been told the rumour regarding the change of colour from red to black for the RR badge had nothing to do with the death of Henry Royce. The fact that both occured in 1934 is a coincidence. Comments below if you disagree.

It looks more comfortable than most.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, and thanks to the competitors for putting on such a magnificent show, and to Bonhams as well.

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